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“The winner of this competition saw 745 (in one year). ” The answer, he said, was the effects of El Niño that year — 1998 — and that the birders took advantage of geographical areas affected by birds pushed into North America by the weather phenomenon — places like Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain and, even, the Rio Grande Valley.

“Definitely, one of the stations of the cross for birders is the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas,” Obmascik said.

“The big year is something that some birders do, but it’s not anything like an organized competition.“It’s just some place you have got to go if you want to see the species of the continent.There are many species that live there and only there.So this is the first time that Hollywood has done anything with birding, and we were on pins and needles about it.And they did a good job.” But part of the movie could ruffle feathers in the Rio Grande Valley.

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