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I have that one narrowed down to a few possibilities: 1) He’s a germaphobe 2) He doesn’t know any better 3) No one has ever told him how weird it is I have a feeling that if we ever do sleep together that he will 1) make me shower 1st 2) not be very creative 3) minimal foreplay 😦 Anyway, he sent me a text last night. England proves me wrong by pulling out some very pervy and inappropriate ‘English’ humor. I fully ‘get’ that if I was totally into him that these little oddities probably wouldn’t bother me. I told him I wasn’t able and suggested that he call in a ‘2nd stringer’ to join him. He said that was a fabulous idea then almost immediately followed it up with ‘there’s only one gal for me and she’s always freaking busy’. Not sure why he finds it so hard to plan/invite me in advance. Pretty sure I know which ‘Love Language’ I am, but will be super cool to see and, moreso, to find out what he thinks his is (I already know what his is). England, hating what he was wearing, loving our conversations and being way too amused by the panic I see in his eyes, I was wondering why I don’t want to jump him like I do every SINGLE time I see (or even think about) Mr. Now, if you promise not to throw your computers out the window, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

You all know how angsty I was about agreeing to be exclusive. Oo T saw a picture that I had posted of myself on Friday and totally called out something being wrong. He entirely correctly picked up on ‘something’ in my eyes being sad/panicked. England: we actually have very similar backgrounds. We laugh and talk and I make him completely nervous. He’s apparently a nervous wreck about ‘liking’ anyone. It’s much more fun, however, to profess my undying love to him and talk of ‘our’ future together and watch the look of panic in his eyes. He certainly tried on movie night (date #1) but not since then. How he’s trying really hard to ‘listen’ to what I say. When I told him about it, he not only understood and empathized, but suggested I save all the pieces and we could leave one in each exotic destination that ‘we’ visit. I had mentioned the book when I last saw him and we were on completely different pages in the same discussion. I think he really wants to try to figure out how to be a better version of himself. Well, it actually shattered into a million pieces and it kind of freaked me out. Today, in the mail, I received a copy of ‘The 5 Love Languages’.

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