Interviews with dating relationship experts

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Some of the activities will help you both to get to know each other better by asking each other fun and interesting questions, and others will challenge you to some friendly competition that rewards the winner (loser cleans dishes? The next time you head home from work, try grabbing your partner's favorite dessert to enjoy while you both watch the newest episode of Girls.

This is especially important if your partner best responds to the "gifts" love language because they'll feel loved and appreciated with your simple and sweet gesture.

Users give this read top ratings for being a "no brainer purchase" that is "worth every penny."Di Rocco believes that play is a vital part of maintaining a spark in any dating relationship.

A packable game you can take on your next date to the park (or even the backyard) can have you both laughing and having carefree playtime together.

Created by couple Ashley and Gabe Rodriguez, these recipes give you simple instructions on sautéing, roasting, mixing, and dicing your way to amazing meals, which will only make your bonding time that much better.

To keep your relationship feeling like you're forever in the "honeymoon phase," read on for five easy ways to not only re-ignite that flame — but keep it burning.

Di Rocco's go-to book for teaching couples how to keep the spark alive is 30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage .

If you both admit that things have become kind of blah lately, don't stress that your relationship might be on the downward slope.

have been dating since high school or you're entering into a brand new relationship, keeping that spark alive and ensuring both partners remain interested can be tough.

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