James may still dating sarah frater

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I think that magic wardrobe’s correct name might be Harvey Nichols.” He says that he buys lots of things and then never wears them. I had to point out that liquorice allsorts aren’t actually a brand.

Then we had a bit of a compliance issue in Man Lab recently, which I shouldn’t really talk about...” Oh go on.

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Boilersuits are used by everybody from pilots in the army to racing drivers to people who clean your drains.

Dance music fills the centre, as do stands of edgy clothes that would be completely unwearable in real life. Later, May explains that this is his first time down a catwalk - his first time at a fashion show even - and that it will probably be his last.

Have I missed the lads convention that actually took place the day before? A cast of other men follow in an array of different boiler suits. He is here for Man Lab, his BBC series which attempts to unreconstruct the emasculated male by telling them how to do things: fix motorbikes, build bars and fly planes (May has a pilot’s licence, naturally).

Blokes are supposed to be endearingly useless nowadays but if you’re useless you just sit at the wall dribbling which must be very dull.” Anyway, he thought that for the new series he might tackle the issue of men and clothes.

“I woke up one morning and realised that one of the problems with being a middle-aged man - of being a man in general - is the tyranny of fashion. I know this will come as something of a surprise to you, but I spend a great deal of money on clothes and I just make them look really ****.

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