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That much is probably obvious by now, and we don’t need to go any further into it than we already have.

The other big problem with the site is that it is broken.

The vast majority of the emails that we did get back turned out to be spam or scams.

Of the 149 emails we got back, so many were scams that for a while, we debated on whether or not we should respond to any of them at all.

Fortunately, our scientific curiosity and our loyalty to you readers won out over our skepticism.

Also our desire to get laid kinda factored into the whole thing, to be totally honest.

All of the messages were really short and I never got a reply from any of them. This site was just trying to keep me paying the membership fee and even sent me emails about upgrading my membership.

Except the only magic was how it turned up girls three states over, claiming “In your area now! ” We’re not quite sure how that happened, or why it KEEPS happening every time we do a search on Just

What we are sure about is that this is just one more of the endless supply of reasons you should stay away from this stupid glitchy broken empty website.

According to "Whois Justhookup1.com", Justhookup1 is owned by Super Privacy Service c/o Dynadot since 2018.

Justhookup1 was registered with DYNADOT LLC on December 16, 2011.

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