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“They’re the lesbian of flowers,” Brit-Brit explains, handing her lady-love two one-way tickets to Lesbos island.

Brittany: “I figured once we arrived at the Girl-on-Girl paradise that is Lesbos that we’d never want to leave.” Santana: “Okay listen.

Brittany, I love you but running away with me and living on a lesbian island is not what you want to do.

You just don’t want to go back to MIT.” Brit-Brit says that Santana never wanted to be a Broadway star, SO THERE.

, a charming country-style chowder of a tale about a quantum physicist from the near future who, due to a time travel experiment gone wrong, is doomed to forever hop through time, taking the place of humans to “put right what once went wrong” with the help of his womanizing best friend, who is actually a hologram.

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Thus, Tina’s re-focused her sights on New York, New York, home to world’s most affordable manicures, and specifically Mitzvah University, where she hopes her Cohen-ness and photoshopped account of her time at a kibbutz will snag her a spot despite missing the deadline.

In a world here nearly 20 people are forcibly displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution, the work of UNHCR is more important than ever before.

The conflict in Syria, now in its seventh year, was the world’s biggest producer of refugees (5.5 million).

UNHCR was established on December 14, 1950 by the UN General Assembly with a three-year mandate to complete its work and then disband.

The following year, on July 28, the legal foundation of helping refugees and the basic statute guiding UNHCR's work, the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, was adopted.

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