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Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Threatens to Veto But Signs Bill Anyway, Blasts Congress; Who's Next On The White House Chopping Block?; Mc Cabe On Firing; Stormy Daniels' Attorney Issues "Warning Shot;" March For Our Lives; CNN Heroes. Mc Master As National Security Adviser With John Bolton; Top Lawyer John Dowd Quits; "The Daily Beast:" Guccifer 2.0 Revealed As A Russian Intelligence Officer; Bolton's Link To Anti- Muslim Activist; Trump's Advice to His 25-Year-Old Self; Howard Stern on Trump's Mental Health; Police Shot Unarmed Black Man At Grandmother's Yard.Aired 12m-1a ET • Conor Lamb Declares Win In PA House Elections, Stephen Hawking Has Died.

Aired 11-12a ET • WSJ: Mueller Investigating Alleged Communication Between Roger Stone And Julian Assange; Sinclair Under Fire For Mandating Anchors To Read Statement Criticizing Fake News; Kushner Strikes Deal With Sinclair For Straighter Coverage Back In 2016.Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Signs Memorandum Ordering National Guard Troops To the Border; President Trump At Odds With Own Advisers; Former Lawyer of Stormy Daniels Says The "Whole Truth" Has Not Been Told; EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Broiled In Multiple Controversies; Dr. Aired 11-12a ET • Trump Fears He Could Be Baited Into An Interview That Would Land Him In Hot Water; Trump Escalates Border Wall Battle; Trump Declares Nobody Has Been Tougher On Russia; White House: Trump Briefed Today On Border Strategy Which Includes The Mobilization Of The National Guard; "Washington Post:" Mueller Told Trump's Attorneys President Remains Under Investigation But Is Not Currently A Criminal Target; Another Member Of Trump's Cabinet Under Fire Over Potential Conflicts Of Interest; President Trump Ramps Up His Twitter Attacks.Aired 10-11p ET • Lawyers With Ties To Gates, Manafort Will Serve 30 Days, Pay ,000 Fine; Trump's Twitter Storm; Democrats' Fundraising Bonanza; Fears Of U.Aired 10-11p ET • President Trump Stays Silent on Two Key Issues Facing the Administration, Russia and Stormy Daniels; Promised Wall Awaits Funding; Can a Sitting United States President be Indicted? Aired 10-11p ET • Two More Lawyers Turn Down Trump Team; CNN Poll: 42 Percent Approve Of Trump, Highest In 11 Months; Roseanne In The Trump Era; NRA Admits Accepting Foreign Donations But None Was Used in American Elections; No Charges Against Officers In Alton Sterling Death.; The 2020 Census to Ask Respondents if They are U. Aired 11-12a ET • One of Stormy Daniels' Friends Says She Can Corroborate Stormy Daniels' Story; "60 Minutes" Interview with Stormy Daniels Tops Ratings; Top D. Lawyer: Turmoil, Chaos, Confusion, Surrounding Trump is Beyond Normal Bounds; Trump Orders 60 Russian Diplomats Expelled Over Nerve Agent Attack on Former Double Agent in the U. Aired 10- 11p ET • Stormy Daniels Suing Trump's Lawyer For Defamation; Who's Next On The White House Chopping Block?

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