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Aired 10-11p ET • House GOP Ignores Intel Assessment Putin Interfered In Election To Help Trump Hurt Clinton; House Republicans Ending Russia Investigation, Claim No Evidence Of Any Collusion; Special Counsel Mueller's Case Expands As House Intel Investigation Shutters.Aired 11-Midnight ET • Stormy Daniels Versus Trump Continues; U. And North Korea Summit Expected in May, World Awaits U.; Trump Talks About Bringing Back Rob Porter, Former Aide Accused of Domestic Abuse; Porn Star And Playboy Playmate Share Similar Stories Of Alleged Trump Affairs; What Melania Trump And Hillary Clinton Have In Common; Battle About Diversity At Interior Department; Marching For Their Lives.Aired 11- 12a ET • President Trump Throws a Very Public Temper Tantrum; Trump Regrets Signing the Budget Bill; Trump Campaign Officials Encouraged Papadopoulos To Meet With Foreign Contacts; Fred FBI Deputy Director Andrew Mc Cabe Fires Back at the President; Similarities Between Stormy Daniels' And Karen Mc Dougal's Stories About Trump.S.-North Korea Meeting; Trump's Lawyers with New Tactics.Aired 10-11p ET • Judge Assigned In Lawsuit Filed By Stormy Daniels Against Donald Trump; Has The President Met His Match; NRA Suing Florida To Block New Gun Law; Timeline Shows Police Confusion As Florida Massacre Unfolds; New Florida Law Allows Teachers To Be Armed; CNN Heroes.• Trump Begins Initial Preps For Possible Interview; Joseph Schmitz Pushed FBI And House Intelligence Committee to Review Materials He Thought Were Clinton's Missing E-Mails From Her Private Server; President Trump's Lawyers Granted More Time To Respond To Stormy Daniels Lawsuit; CNN Heroes.

Aired 10-11p ET • Mueller Using Help From Rick Gates on Central Mission, Hope Hicks Leaving The White House, Donald Trump Congratulates Roseanne Barr For Success Of Her Rebooted Show, Fox News Ingraham Mocks Parkland Shooting Survivor.Aired 11-12a ET • Trump's Team Prepares for One-on-One with Mueller; Ex-Employee From Cambridge Analytica Blows The Whistle On Data Firm Connected To Trump Campaign.Aired 10-11p ET • President's Lawyers Sit Down For First Face-To-Face Meeting With Mueller's Team; New GOP Calls To Add Mueller Protection Clause To Budget Bill; What Hope Hicks Knows; Trump Considers Gary Cohn For Top CIA Position; Trump Pushes Death Penalty For Drug Dealers.Aired: 11-12mn • Robert Mueller's Team Using Help From Former Trump Campaign Deputy Rick Gates On Their Central Mission Investigating Potential Collusion Between The Trump Campaign And The Russians; President Donald Trump Touting All Lies; Aired 10-11p ET • Shulkin is Out, the Doctor is In; Trump's Deafening Silence Leaves Questions Hanging; No Shortage of Lawsuits for the POTUS; Judge Rules Illegal Gifts Lawsuit Against President Trump Can Proceed; Trump White House In A State Of Chaos; Will President Trump Try To Fire Robert Mueller.Aired 10-p ET • Another Cabinet Shakeup; Trump Wants To Go After Amazon; Is President Trump Governing By Vendetta?

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