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Regular use can reduce the risk of death from low oxygen levels.1 To get the most benefit from oxygen, you use it 24 hours a day.

An arterial blood gas test should be done first to see if you need oxygen.

If your COPD is very bad and your blood oxygen levels are low, getting more oxygen can help you breathe better and live longer. You don't have to stay at home or in a hospital to use oxygen. It can help you live longer when you have severe COPD and low oxygen levels.

There are several ways to deliver the oxygen, including: Oxygen concentrators. You may notice less shortness of breath and have more energy.

Your life expectancy increases in years as you click on the calculator, based on your answers.

Same with smokers, diabetics, etc."Research presented at the American College of Cardiology recently found those who run more than 20 miles a week have shorter life spans compared to non runners.Arterial partial pressure of oxygen (Pa O2) is between 56 mm Hg and 59 mm Hg, or oxygen saturation is 89% and you have: Evidence of right-side heart failure due to breathing problems (cor pulmonale). An increased number of red blood cells (erythrocytosis).Arterial oxygen saturation is greater than 88% when you are resting but becomes less than or equal to 88% when you are exercising or sleeping.Risks Typically there are no risks from oxygen treatment as long as you follow your doctor's instructions.But oxygen is a fire hazard, so it is important to follow safety rules.

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