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Had to go buy some nuts and a bolt for my swap figured I would contribute since i stole the slave cylinder bolt info from here. I know there are also other places that offer this stuff. eid=214252does anyone know the correct length of sr valve cover studs ? Are you having a hard time controlling your vehicle upon startup?

As I'm putting my car back together, I'm going to be posting up the bolts I replace with their sizes.

Modified by OM3GA at AM 1/25/2010 Modified by OM3GA at AM 1/26/2010Here's all the sizes of bolts used on s13s. This doesn't help the "Where does this go" aspect, but you can grab a bunch of these sizes from your hardware store and never have to worry about losing one.

The thread of the studs on clutch pedal that master cylinder bolts on to are m8x1.25 FYI. Goal here is to eventually have every single bolt in the car labeled so that people can open the thread and use their browser's word find feature to know exactly what they need to go buy.s13 pressure plate bolts M8 1.25 16 mm 5 speed ka24de bellhousing bolts: M10 1.5 60mm -4 needed M10 1.5 70mm-1 needed M10 1.5 35mm-2 needed M10 1.5 65mm-1 needed M10 1.5 25mm-1 needed ka24d3e starter bolts 95mm length -2 needed oil pan m6 by 1.00pitch s13 alternator tensioner bolt M8 1.25 1 inch s13/14 rear swaybar bracket M10 by 1.25pitch (12mm head for s13, 14mm head for s14) s13 differential M12 1.25 75mm Sorry, no bolt info but I have to post in here otherwise I will lose this info for They usually have pics so you can reference where the bolt goes and so on.

If you find that the boot is full, then this is also an indicator that you already need to replace the rack-and-pinion assembly.

Step 8: After that, use a screwdriver to remove the dust boot covering the pinion shaft, which is typically located on top of the steering rack. A leak in this component indicates that you need to replace the rack-and-pinion unit.

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