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Occasionally, a small additional surgical procedure is required.

A 20%, non-refundable down payment is required to schedule an appointment for any Mt F procedure.

You will have a urethral catheter for 7-10 days until you start to urinate.

After checking out of the hospital, you will need to stay at a hotel or furnished apartment for another 3-4 more days while waiting for the final physical exam by Dr Djinovic.

About 7% of patients experience temporary stenosis of the vaginal introitus.

In the majority of cases, this complication can be solved by dilations.

I doubt anything is less understood by beginning transgender females than HRT. It also mildly “softens” your face & skin tone from a more ruddy male presentation - but not in a monumental way.

Early-on in my own journey, I discovered part of this problem was rooted in the number of transsexual women that exaggerated what hormones had done for them versus certain cosmetic procedures which they didn’t want to own to having had completed. Most of my natal female friends prefer to keep any cosmetic adjustments a secret, as well. Regardless if you took testosterone or female hormones - it’s going to create consequential emotional mood swings you must learn to manage.

Male to female SRS surgery includes removal of male genitalia with simultaneous creation of female genitalia.It is very important to include urethral flap during this male to female surgery because it provides natural vaginal lubrication as well as excellent erogenous and orgasmic sensitivity.Sava Perovic Foundation NEVER uses scrotal skin for creation of a vagina during any vaginoplasty. Dr Djinovic also simultaneously performs a bilateral orchiectomy, also known as transgender orchidectomy — the surgical removal of both testes.This male to female surgery also requires simultaneous creation of all parts of the female genitalia. The new labia minora is made from the inner preputial (foreskin) layer.The labia majora is created from a combination of penile and scrotal skin.

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