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The songs are also fun and stay within the plot of the film; i.e.

no flying off to different locations around the world changing clothes every few lines.

Later however, the film tries to take itself too seriously and fails in some respects; Ajay Devgan showed dry acting for a very dry role, ' I hate crime, and i hate criminals'; please...

However the dialog remains enjoyable throughout, and the ending seems to tie things up well.

It is touted as one of the best romantic places in Kolkata, and rightfully so.

The river back is exceptionally beautified by a stunning monument boasting Gothic-Greek architecture style.

As for the girls, Amrita Rao is the Queen of Cute; both she and Lara seem to be the only girls with acting and dancing abilities.

However the rest may something to be desired in different departments.

Three men, who are all married, but have been involved in seducing a woman named Monica.

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