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Mathew Gray Gubler was born on 9th March 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended the Tisch school of Arts. Spencer Reid’ which was his character in the all time famous TV show called ‘criminal minds’ and it was this very same show that brought Matthew to the fame level he currently enjoys.

His interest in filmmaking and modeling can be traced back to his early high school days and this is what made him the man he is now. Talking about controversies about Gubler one could never forget the debate ‘is Matthew Gray Gubler gay?

But these achievements are far from describing Gubler’s multi-talented personality, and parallel to all this, Gubler also started directing films.

Under his belt are a few episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’ that he directed.

But good news ladies (and some gentlemen of course), this heartthrob is single right now.

Spencer Reid may come out to be a bit gay at times in the hit crime series, but Matthew Gray Gubler is in no way oriented towards that direction. From his early 20s, Gubler has been involved with several hotties.

Source: Pinterest But Matthew has always stayed out of this and has never paid enough attention to answer the many questions people might have but we hope he will someday break the silence and clear the confusion once and for all.

But for the time being, what we know about him is that he is as straight as anyone could be.

But they broke up and Matthew started dating another singer, Victoria Asher.The star and Gubler made several public appearances when they were a couple.Though they only were together for a few months, they still share a cordial and friendly relationship.But with fame comes great controversies and if facing controversy is an art then there’s no doubt that Gubler has been its Picasso.If you haven't heard, Matthew Gray Gubler and ex Kat Dennings star in the indie film Surburban Gothic.

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