Method of radioactive dating used for the turin shroud

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Pierre D'Arcis's letter to the anti-pope, Clement VII, isnot considered a reliable assessment of the Shroud's authenticity.

In addition, do we know that he was assessing the Shroud inquestion, or was it one of the imitations?

There is no record of the shroud during the first centuries of the Christian era, it is first mentioned in the 14th century, havingbeen found in the Diocese of Troyes.

The eyewitness John reported: He viewed the linen clotheslying (Vulgate), also the cloth that had been upon his head notlying with the cloth but separately rolled up in one place. The Christian writers of the third and fourth centuries, many ofwhom wrote about a host of miracles in connection with numerousrelics, did not mention the existence of a shroud containing theimage of Jesus.

However, spores and evidence of Palestine were also found on the shroud (plant life, coins datingto the era were placed on the body's eyes and reproduced on theshroud) indicating the shroud was much older and had been in Palestine.

The medieval evidence is circumstantial to the shroudbeing exposed to the contaminations of where it has been.

Second, unlike most artists'depictions of Christ being nailed in the hands, the victim ofcrucifixion in the Shroud was nailed in the wrist between theradius and ulna so that he could hang securely on the cross.

Thisfact about Roman crucifixion methods was not known to medievalartists.

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