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In 1987 the peaceful Singing Revolution against Soviet rule began, culminating with restoration of its de facto independence on 20 August 1991. Since restoration of its independence, Estonia has been a democratic unitary parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties. "Obviously, Hardik is in our scheme of things as first all rounder but we need to find out more people with that kind of ability whom we can groom and make as back ups for all- rounder's spot when we travel abroad." Kohli made it clear that he wants Shankar to get a feel of the Indian team's set-up and know what he needs to do to become a top notch international player."The whole mindset of bringing him and keeping him in the set-up is to make him familiar with whats going on here and so that he understands what all he needs to work on his game as well," the captain said.

Lots of questions are pouring in about the process of turning the book into a film. I'm not making the film, so I can't answer all the questions I'm receiving. we work closely with patients who want to loose those extra pounds.

Kohli has begun his new leadership journey in style with match-winning century innings against Bangladesh.

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Ethnic Estonians are Finnic peoples, sharing close cultural ties with their northern neighbour, Finland.

The territory of Estonia has been inhabited since at least 9000 BC.

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