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After their rapture no more Apostles would be active, but archbishops bearing the title of Archangels would lead the Church.

In 1860 they had once again vetoed the call of new Apostles by the Prophet Heinrich Geyer.

Clarity was achieved through the designation “New Apostolic” which was first used in the German kingdom of Saxony.

() In Hamburg there existed an apostolic congregation without an Apostle between January and March 1863 because Apostle Rudolf Rosochacky refused to act as an Apostle.

Around the year 1830 individuals and groups in England and Scotland prayed for an “outpouring of the Holy Spirit”.

These prayers expressed their hope for a renewal of Christian life within the various denominations that they felt had become formal and uninspiring.

The highlight of the anniversary year will be the Pentecost service, which Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will hold on in Hamburg (Germany).

The roots of the New Apostolic Church date back to the 19th Century.

() The college of Apostles was getting smaller and smaller.In 1858 the eight remaining Apostles had agreed that God would once more take the Apostle ministry away.However, Taplin and Geyer, the two most remarkable Prophets of the apostolic church of their time, felt urged by the Spirit of God to call more Apostles to complement the college of Apostles.However, it had become impossible to achieve the great goals they had at first hoped to reach.Apostle Carlyle felt sure that he knew the reason: The “sacred number twelve” was incomplete, so contrary to what had been expected the Apostles could not be sent out in the full power of their office.

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