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We understand that for many people, the hearing and watching of stories is an early way into understanding that they, too, can ask for help, or that help is available for their loved ones.

These stories are a way to see a facet your own story in the experiences of someone who has been there, and, maybe too, to see a way through your own current struggles.

Na sajt je moguće prijaviti se potpuno anonimno i diskretno.

We’re gathering together Australia’s best database of supporters of LGBTI people, and are committed to finding these strong connections and professionals nationwide. v=av8k YYLcjog] Visit our You Tube channel Welcome to QLives!Sometimes it might be that you’d like to put your thoughts in an email, and get some returned information within 24 hours about the places close to where you live you might be able to access face-to-face. For some people, a chat with QLife is absolutely enough to help with focus and clarity about whatever they are struggling with.Of course other people would like ongoing mental health care.Sometimes, it’s about counselling, but for many people it’s also about a welcoming conversation, a chat about the news or a place to go to read the best evidence-based tips available about mental health yourself, at your own pace.Sometimes it’s about expressing the negative experiences you’ve received, sometimes from people or services who should know better about your sexuality, body and gender identity.

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