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For the respondents, citizen-patient involvement in telehealth could increase the accountability and transparency of decision-making, and make it more pragmatic within an innovation-driven health system.This involvement could also make citizens-patients ambassadors and promoters of telehealth, and improve the quality and organization of health services while ensuring they are more socially relevant.In particular, we explored its potential advantages, added value, obstacles and challenges it raises for decision-making.Methods: We used a qualitative research approach based on semi-structured individual interviews with a total of 29 key actors.The Karma system is currently undergoing maintenance (Monday, January 29, 2018).The maintenance period has been extended to 8PM EST.

Plan your trip to London with useful traveller information.Results: Citizen-patient involvement in decision-making is more perceived as a theoretical idea than as a practical reality in healthcare organizations or in the health system.There is very little connection between citizen involvement structures or patient and user groups and telehealth leaders.Challenges and constraints that were reported include the ambiguity of the “citizen-patient”, who should be involved and how, “claimant” citizen-patient, the risk of professionalization of citizen-patient involvement and the gap between decision time vs. Conclusions: This study provides a basis for future research on the potential of involving citizens-patients in telehealth.There is a great need for research on the issue of citizen-patient involvement as an organizational innovation (in terms of decision-making model).

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