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He added that it is important to have friends like her as materialistic things don't matter to him.

However, when Pooja and Akashdeep's good friend Juhi Parmar asked him what Pooja Bedi meant to him, Sky smilingly replied, “'Over toh nahi kar raha hun na" (I am not ending this here).

Well, Pooja is quite outspoken and if there’s something brewing between the two, we are sure Pooja will soon come out with it.

Well, if nothing else, the duo will at least manage to grab some attention by hanging out together, right?

“I was so desperate to meet my kids and now I am with them, I don’t want any third person between us.

I want to spend quality time with them,” said Pooja who is also looking forward to participate in many such reality shows in future.

There is a lot of happiness and fun inside the house, the aggression is just 20 percent of it,” Pooja told after coming out of the house.

“We used to laugh like mad people and there was no end to the funny jokes.

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When Sky was recently asked by a special audience guest about Pooja Bedi, Sky said that he loved Pooja Bedi since she was a great human being.

But, they are exactly opposite and I wish them all the best and may they win the show,” said Pooja.

She later said on a micro-blogging site, “Mahek Chahel is non-stop negative energy! ” She further adds Juhi and Sky were the nicest people in there! For the record…Sky is a super nice guy and fab friend!

But, off late things had become critical and it was hard to survive in such situations,” she added.

Known for her Marilyn Monroe skirt act in The 41-year-old is elated to leave the show at the right time, “I am the happiest person in this world after leaving this house because I know a lot of aggression and negative atmosphere have started building up and it was the right time to leave the house.” According to Pooja, her best friends inside the house were Juhi Parmar and Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky, and claims Mahek Chahal and Amar Upadhyay are the ones who used to pick up fights.

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