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"It isn't just two individuals getting married: It's two families coming together.

That's a cultural lens that's not a part of mainstream dating sites." As for big mother watching the monitor over their shoulders, some are pushing back.

"They drop their children off and sort of lurk around a little bit. Parfitt is careful about cultural sensitivities, but draws the line at caste, which isn't one of the criteria at the events: "It doesn't fit very comfortably with me because it's based on a pecking order." Asked whether he thinks it's right to segregate daters, Mr.

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He won consecutive Stanley Cups in the 19 seasons with the Penguins.

About 30 per cent of the Canadian profiles on Shaadi are made by parents for their sons and daughters - and scrutinized routinely.

"That's something that doesn't happen on other dating sites," said Anjan Saikia, vice-president of Shaadi North America.

"Unlike the very individual orientation of white people, [with]people from South Asia, the boy looks at the girl, the girl looks at the boy, but they also look at the two families.

At the end of the day, the bonding between families in our culture is very important to both the younger generation and the parents." Among other criteria, the site lets members search by community, religion, caste and sub caste, although Mr.

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