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I have opened the unit to check the Blu-Ray connection, as this can cause update troubles as well. Looks like you tried 99% of what I would've suggested.

One other suggestion since you didn't specify in your post, did you try both USB ports?

Hard drive was recognised, so I booted into safe mode and restored it to factory settings.

Sony logo appeared, and I had a working Playstation.

A friend of mine gave me his PS3 to do some Vita stuff with for a while.

I cloned his drive, hoping it would just restore the factory settings and keep the firmware, but it refuses to boot off this image as well. I was able to navigate through XMB wirelessly when the console still had firmware on it.

Following Sony's massive PS3 firmware-update cockup, which ended up bricking a load of consoles, it's detailed the steps you need to take to recover your console, or update successfully without causing any more damage. Power-on the PS3 and hold the power button down until you've heard three beeps (one at power-on, one 5 seconds later, and a third 5 seconds after that) then release the power button. Hold down the power button again for another three beeps, but this time the final beep will actually be a quick double-beep. Release the power button after the quick double-beep. Follow the on-screen instructions to plug in a controller via USB and hit the PS button.1. It's alright for those of us who don't subscribe to Play Station Plus, but all those that do get automatically updated.

The game will start, quit the game using the PS button while in the [My Home] screen and follow the procedure described above. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.

It's frustrating to have 0 visible hardware defects and still have it fail.

We have discovered an issue where some users may experience the following problem during the download of new game updates when they have Update 1.02 installed.

Hi everyone I've been trying to fix this issue for a year now, with no luck.

I've lost track of how many Google searches I've done.

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