Quotes on dating bad guys

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Marcus Burnett: I don't know what the **** you're talking about. Mike Lowery: Hey, you'd know what would be ****in' helpful, Marcus?

Marcus Burnett: Hey, Mike, I'm just trying to be helpful.

Mike Lowery: What in the hell that's suppose to mean?

Marcus Burnett: You know, unlike you my daddy didn't leave me no trust fund.

Women also need to work on making their relationships exciting.

We all want to be swept off our feet, but one-sided relationships always fail.

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Mike Lowery: [singing] Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do? [Marcus starts ad-libbing the first verse] Mike Lowery: Dude, you gotta learn the words. Mike Lowery: Crash the ambulance into the mortuary now. Mike Lowery: That is the last time you will ever refer to my mother's titties. Marcus Burnett: Your mama probably refused you her tit when you were a baby. Got you a gun, a little tight t-shirt and became an overcompensating tough guy. Mike Lowery: [pretending to be drunk] Nigga, who is it at the door? Therapist Yes, you do know what the **** i'm talking about. Just shut the **** up and let me drive, let's try that.

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