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The album Rumours, recorded during the British-American group's turbulent years when their romantic relationships were falling apart, sold more than 40million.

To provide a different service from the domestic audience the Corporation started the BBC Empire Service on short rsdio inoriginally in English but it soon provided programmes in other languages.

Some stations, such as Primordial Radio, use Internet radio as a platform as opposed to other means such as FM or DAB, as it gives greater freedom to broadcast as they see fit, without being subject to regulatory bodies such as Ofcom in the UK.

For example, Ofcom has very strict rules about presenters endorsing products and product placement; being an Internet radio station they are free of this constraint.

WXYC used an FM radio connected to a system at Sun Site, later known as Ibiblio, running Cornell's CU-See Me software.

WXYC had begun test broadcasts and bandwidth testing as early as August 1994.

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