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At the latter city was Oliver Pol- lock, who was the American agent and was on the best of terms with the governor. Morgan main- tained his relations with his agents in Kaskaskia, Winston and Kennedy, and with other correspondents at Detroit and elsewhere.* In a letter written in July, 1776, he says: "I am now here on Public Business for the United Colonies. Beginning with page 145 the pages are numbered, but these numbers are not given in the transcription. 22 RECORD OF THE COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF CAHOKIA.» At a Court . Antoine Lussier, having made oath to answer all questions which should be asked him as witness for the defendant, said that, while Madame Sansfaçon was at the house of Madame Racette in search of a chicken, which she claimed belonged to her, Madame Racette called her a thief and said she lived on other people's poultry. Ayant Examiné La Declarition du dit charloc Contre Sieur Henson, La Court a décidé quil seroit sinifié au Sieur Henson de repondre aujourd^huy a deux heure après midy a La Declara- tion faite Contre luy. ^^ ^, ^^ ■■..., Françoii Saucier, Clerk, ..;-; COURT RECORD, NOVEMBER, 1779 27 The Court granted that it should be paid at the time of the sale of his goods. From Fort Pitt boats were sent to New Orleans for supplies of all kinds and these boats were even har- bored in St. I want to know the exact situation of affairs at the Illinois & what Quantity of flour & beef you could furnish a company or two of men with at Kas- kaskia the 25th of next December. To this Madame Sansfaçon replied that she was not like her, that she had never stolen lard from the Lacroix's house; and they said to each other a thousand invectives. ^ In that part of France where the customary law prevailed, the tulelle dative was almost universal. A petition presented to the Court by Marie Louise Ulim, widow of the late Jn. Desgagné, and Pichet, praying that a guardian for the preservation of the small property of the minor heirs of the late Lapierre be appointed. I have removed the comptassol theorig^nal map, but havenot made the other necessary a Jlentioos, preferring to print it as in the original. The basis of this map was undoubtedly Ebttdttos* we U-known map of the same region. Gratiot be condemned to pay him the sum of three hundred livres for an operation which he performed on the named Racette, for which he was summoned by the said M. Charles Gratiot answered that he would present his defense at the next Court, Friday, December 3. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. On the recommendation of this commission it was determined that the Illinois Historical Collections should be continued and the volumes numbered consecutively, but also that series should be formed of the vdumes of the Collections devoted to the same historical period, such as the French, the British, the Virginia, etc. Saucier to tell him what the latter had deposed in the Court on his accoimt. Sauder made oath on the Holy Gospels of Almighty God and said that he had been summoned by M. Lonval and that, when he was at the house of the said Dubois, the latter told him that M. Le Deffendre repond par une Lettre adressé a la Cour que vue La Situation du tems il Demande pour dellay de Suspendre L'exécution Jusqua Noél prochain au défaut de quoy il Sofre a Sexecuter Luy même a Ce tems pour tout Dellay. Since both parties offered to take oath and they had no wit- nesses, the Court dismissed them, ordering each to pay half the costs and the plaintiff to lose half of what he demands for the gun stock. And they now demanded that the declara- tions, which were made, be read to them, and this was immediately done. In this edict Wilkins ga^e tht court of judicature, established by him in 1768, jurisdiction in criminal matters, but he said that the people were not sufficiently familiar with English law to permit trials by jurv.

Their white inhabitants, being migratory in their habits, either followed the Indians on their periodic himts or went from one post to another merely to buy the furs when the Indians returned. The people also agreed on their honor not to give to the Indians any intoxicating liquor, and to assemble under arms when the commandant gave the signal. George Hait, having [made oath to answer] all [questions the court] should ask [proved] . Et a Condanné Le Demendeur a payer Les fraix du dit procès Et quant aux fraix particullier Les Deux partis sont Condanner a les payer chaqu'un En particulier. Charles Gratiot brought into Court a note against the defend- ant, having learned that he had left for Detroit with the royalists, and prays that it be permitted him to have the goods, which the defendant has stored at the house of Gabriel Constant, sold up to the equivalent of the amount of his note. Un Compte présenté a la Court par Le Demandeur Contre le Défendeur De la Somme de vingt Sept livres. Le Défendeur ayant produit Sa Deffence par Laquelle il ne De- COURT RECORD, DECEMBER, 1779 29 The Court adjourned till two o'clock in the afternoon, Novem- ber 26, 1779. The settlement of the white men in the bottom had not driven out the aborigines, for the French have always dwelt in peace with the American Indians, the management of whom they under- stood far better than did the Anglo-Saxons. of Augustin Ra- cette, and having had some [words] with the said gentleman that he had been ca Ued a rogue, to which the said Baron answered that he was not like Racette's sister-in-law who had stolen lard from the Lacroix's house and chickens from Sansfaçon's; s His full name wm Antoine Harmand called Sansfaçon, and he is called in the record cither Hazmand or Sansfaçon. Having examined the declaration of the said Charloc against M. Henson may continue his business, provided his wife shall be withdrawn from the Cantine,* since it is she who has been guilty of evil speech with the savages according to the declarations of Charloc and the Peorian; that, however, the said Charloc shall be summoned to make his declaration in the presence of the said M. The Court further decided that for all accidents, which may occur as a consequence of this continuance and are proved to be due to the fault of the said M. Near the French villages were the homes of these children of the prairies, who niunbered at the time less than ûve hundred members of the four remaining tribes of the Kaskaskias, Peorias, Mitchigamies, and Cahokias. The first cause of dispute grew out of the trade with the Indians. This additional name was very common among the Frendi in Ameiica, and sometimes the surname and sometimes the second name has prevailed in the family. Gabriel Constant ayant prêté Serment De repondre a toute les questions qui luy seran [sic] faite Et a dit. Henson, the Court decided that notice should be given M. Mailhet had revived an older trad- ing post; at St. The majority, known as the habitants^ coming as they did from the lower classes of France, were illiterate and ignorant ; and their life in the wilderness, far removed from the restraints of civilized society, had not improved their mental or moral qualities, but had developed those best fitted to their mode of living. In a community practically without govern- ment like that of the Illinois, public opinion alone could be called into play to prevent an evil which endangered the lives of all alike. A petition presented by Augustin Racette, plaintiff, who de- mands that M. que madame Senfaçon ayant Eté chés mad® racette pour y chercher une poulie quelle reclamet a Elle, et que m^*^ racette la tréte de voleuse et quelle ne vivoit que Des volaye d^autruy a quoy m^« Senfaçon luy a repondu quelle ne luy resembloit pas quelle n*avoit Jamais volé De lar ches Lacroix Et ce Son dit Mil invective. f ., or jtan-fess»^ is untranslatable exœpt by some such equivalent vulgarity . Occasionally the guardians called in the relatives fc H- oo Qsultatkni, as tcr instance, when the sale of real profxrty was contemplated. 576 et seq.\ Glasson, Histoire du droit et des iustitutions de la Pranctt vih., 526 et seq. La Court Est ajourné a vendredy 3 x^** i779- f saucier greffier f trottier a une Court Du 10 xbre 1779. At a Court, November 26, at two o'clock in the afternoon. Joseph on the river of the same name, and at Miami; and here and there smaller groups of French traders might be found in the Indian villages and elsewhere. Studies, xzi.; Dunn, Indiana, ^simi Craig, Ouiatanon, in Ind. Like the Indians with whom they associated and even intermarried,* they were active, adroit and hardy, but See post. One of the first acts of Rocheblave was to call an assemblv of the inhabitants on April 17, 1776, to discuss among other matters, all questions concerning their relations with the Indians. Sansfaçon pro Ve to him that he is a rascal and his wife a thief, as he has been accused and called by them [the defendant and his wife.] Antoine Harmand' produced his defence against Augustin Racette and accused the said Racette of coming to his house to assault him. La Court Est ajourné après diné a une heure, f saucier Greffier. Lacroix produced, and made oath to, an ac- count for twenty livres owed by the said Hautier called La- charette. 26 ILLINOIS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS La Court Luy a accordé quîl Seroit payer Lors de la vente de Ses effest une requctte présenté a la Court par marie Lotiise ulim veuve de feu J" B*« Degagné Et par pichet, Demandant de nomer un tuteur pour les mineurs De feu lapierre pour La Conservation de leur peu de bien. Since the families in Illinois were naturally small, friends were also invited to attend such family coun- cib. 28 ILLINOIS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS La Court Est ajourné a 2® heure après midy 26® gbre, 1779. President M" francois trottier pierre martin Michel Beaulieu B^® Saucier antoine Girardin charle Gratiot Présent. Le Demandeur Expose a la cour, par une requette que Le Défendeur soit Condanné a luy payer une Somme de trois Cent livres de paux de Chevreuil pour L'imputation quil a fait a la Jamble [sic] De J" Racet, Comme ayant Eté Envoyé chercher par Led^ Sieur Et que led^ Sieur Gratiot avoit promis de payer le chirugien moyenant que le nomé parisien a qui Lac- cident Etoit arrivé de rembourser ce qui luy En Couteray Et que Cela avoit Eté Dit En presence de B^« allary.

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