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Go & try it.· Parlors/bars in Bombay - We visited 2 dancing bars during my stay in Bombay. Inside the bar the girls are conservative both in dress and conduct. Also visited a beauty/massage parlor called Aashiana in Tardeo.

Space Garden in Juhu and the one outside Mira Road station. For massage, one has to enter through a closet/cupboard door and into a room with several cubicles. Having been to Bangkok, I can say that Bombay comes nowhere close to the quality and service one gets in Bangkok.

It was a tremendous experience for me I fucked a malloo 26 yr.

girl gave her 250/- room which is there only for which I paid 200 drinks cost me 200 & tips 50 & for condom 30 but it was superb.

There u can find a good, cheap, and according to your budget, sexy females. At the exit on the main road there’s a fast food shop on right. He will provide u with best babes matching your budget.· Pick up joint at Colaba - if interested in pick up go to Cannon Bar opp. There are some very good women out there of course one has to spend a lot of money on them, till they give you their no.

We gave mutual pleasure and it was very satisfying. to hospital, has on the ground floor of the building, an establishment run by a person who is named Vishnu Dada. Further, if you’re looking for young college girls (they’re costly though - upto Rs 4K) go to SNDT college in Santacruz. Of course few of them even told us to take them home, money was no bar to them. Another place, which I found was really very cool, was Nightlover, which is out on Sakinaka rd, in a hotel called Sun and Sheel.

The girls are in all shapes sizes, outfits I am sure there are some that will suit every need.

Beer costs Rs 150, the girls may ask to drink juice for 100 bucks but you can always refuse.

This time I was not interested so I took someone else out.

to 6pm after 7pm this bar only available for dance, so try.· Sex at Mira Road and ahead - Hi guys!

Keep going towards Virar about 3 kms from the Dahisar check Naka you'll see a bar well lit up called YATRI or MILI for millenium go in there and you'll see a lot of girls pretending to dance pick your choice and pay her about 400 – 500. Their service is good and if the girl complains of stomachaches do not believe her.· Excellent place for good girls in New Bombay - try Mudra bar in Sanpada after Vashi. Order for ur favorite drink & ask for ur favorite girl/lady—malloo - Tamilian, Bengali, & so on.

Otherwise, if you have the money, it is worth taking the 4-hour flight to Bangkok and spending a few days of unrestricted fun.· Car-borne Sex Divas - Hi guys these Southy lasses operating behind Regal Theatre, sit in car. U can have a pick, Flossy would take u to a nearby Maria lodge. My pick was Deepa, did excellent BJ, I even fringed her with empty beer bottle, and she is ready 4 any experiment.· Everest hotel - must visit this place to get girls ranging from above average to amazing, slightly on the expensive side but WORTH IT. For cute girls try Gopika at Panvel worth for your money.· Wanna Enjoy True GSB's i.e. Ask for Hong Kong Bank, then take a turn right to Pali hill, ask for Zig Zag road, at the entrance is State Bank of India.

Check this place out at Colaba 5 min after Sassoon docks.· Sex - Mumbai is the place for good sex, one of the hottest areas is Colaba, when u go from Regal to Colaba market take the second left turn after 50 meters there is a building on the right called Laxmi Vilas just enter and knock on the 1st door on the left. Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Female - hi, This is my personal exp. Cum 2 Jogeshwari (E), and ask anyone and the 264 bus depot which is there on the Hindu Friend Soc. near the depot there's one panwala, there this guy sits who is a pimp and who also is my friend and you can ask the panwala. If they like you they even give you their Mobile nos. There are 3-4 pimps, but are very nice guys its safe and you won’t get robbed. It's very expensive if you got the money to throw Rs.3500 to Rs.75000 a fuck with works (two girls massage you, dressed with a whip will whack your ass off). Just ask for Daffidol club, above Gazebo, the girls are very good Rs.1500 for 1-hour fuck, very clean.

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