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For instance, one must always tell a bride that she is beautiful no matter how unattractive she may be.

However, even in this situation, one is not essentially lying as the bride is beautiful in the eyes of her groom. Upon receiving the news that she will have a son, Sarah laughs and replies, “After I have withered shall I again have delicate skin?

She has been accorded recognition by the State of Israel, invited to address members of the Israel Defense Forces, and has received awards from every branch of the service. Bush appointed the rebbetzin to serve on the honorary delegation that accompanied him to Jerusalem for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel in May 2008.

Along with her husband Rabbi Meshuelem Halevi Jungreis, the pair became spiritual leaders in the New York Jewish community.Is it contingent upon one’s beauty, or does that beauty become apparent only when we grow to love the person?In his book, Adults Only, Isaac Fingerer asks, “Do I love you because you are beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you?” Sarah is mulling over the probability that G-d will make her young again in order to enable her to conceive Isaac.Yet that is not her only concern; she wonders if her husband would be able to view her as being beautiful even in her old age.

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