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CBS decided for the purpose of the show to respect the fact that they recognised themselves as a "married" couple.Contestants Kelly and Jon became the first team to make it to the final leg without using a Fast Forward.In Rescue, teams made their way to marked rock towers and crossed a traditional alpine rescue bridge of 4 steel cables. In Pathway, teams traveled by foot to the same plaza through the city's streets and bridges without a map, but, unlike in Waterway, they could ask for directions.They then had to use a long zip-line to travel 250 feet (76 m) across a ravine to receive the next clue. The Fast Forward required them to head to the Rialto Bridge and join a group of traveling players to form the street theater known as Commedia dell'arte until the Fast Forward pass appeared in the skit.If they chose wrong, the reveler would take the picture and silently walk away.If this happened, the person would go back outside to wait to receive another picture.or making our ears weep with his attempt at a music career, he's a big fan of jerking off a webcam for the world to see!

"NFL Wives" Monica and Sheree are respectively married to Ashley Ambrose and Ray Buchanan, both of whom played for the Atlanta Falcons the season before the television series was filmed.

The Detour was a choice between Mozart or Beethoven.

In Mozart, teams carried a string bass 6 miles (9.7 km) to the well-known house where Mozart wrote The Marriage of Figaro.

During the first few weeks of the race, Jaree suffered from sickness and a high temperature.

It was suggested by doctors that she be pulled out from the race but she decided to continue. This is one of three seasons among the first ten that was not represented in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

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