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In the last few years, a highly representative number of original Keystones have reappeared with the reawakened interest in the silent screen, and in the not-too-distant future, interested readers will be able to view well over half of the four hundred-odd comedies made by Keystone between 19. Lahue, a well-known expert on the silent cinema, has done much research on the topic of Keystone.He has now brought forth a fresh and original evaluation of that particular style of comedy, the myths that have grown up around it, and the man most responsible for the most irreverent screen farces ever produced.Much respected as a writer, journalist and filmmaker, at the time of his death in 1992 he had revised most of the entries, with notes on the remainder that his film researchers were able to follow in order to complete this new edition.She was the second wife of Rudolph Valentino and, many people have said, the woman who “created” him. She was born in Utah, the daughter of a federal marshal charged with the enforcement of anti-polygamy laws in that Mormon state.Their stormy marriage was the story of Pygmalion and Galatea – in reverse. When her parents divorced, young Winifred went to live with her aunt, Elsie de Wolfe, the flamboyant lesbian credited with having invented the art and business of interior decoration.Elsie sent Winifred abroad for a “proper education,” and the girl promptly fell in love with a Russian dancer named Theodore Kosloff, with whom she studied and lived.

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A graduate of both the University of Vermont and San Jose State College, with a deep and abiding interest in the medium as an entertainment form, it’s not surprising that Mr.

In terms of style, however, it remains true to the first edition with the same heady combination of authoritative information and movie fables that has endeared it to filmgoers for well over a decade.

Above all, the is the lifetime’s work of EPHRAIM KATZ.

The biographies, in particular, are a joy for starstruck fans and academies alike, giving much more detail than any comparable film encyclopedia, with complete film credits for most directors and many actors.

For this new edition the has been completely revised and updated to take account of the changes and growth in the film business since 1979, and it has been expanded by an extra 128 pages.

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