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The biographies, in particular, are a joy for starstruck fans and academies alike, giving much more detail than any comparable film encyclopedia, with complete film credits for most directors and many actors.For this new edition the has been completely revised and updated to take account of the changes and growth in the film business since 1979, and it has been expanded by an extra 128 pages.In the last few years, a highly representative number of original Keystones have reappeared with the reawakened interest in the silent screen, and in the not-too-distant future, interested readers will be able to view well over half of the four hundred-odd comedies made by Keystone between 19. Lahue, a well-known expert on the silent cinema, has done much research on the topic of Keystone.He has now brought forth a fresh and original evaluation of that particular style of comedy, the myths that have grown up around it, and the man most responsible for the most irreverent screen farces ever produced.She was a pioneer in the Hollywood that invented movies and motorcars and diamonds and gin. Mabel wasn’t funny after Mabel’s friend Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle became the Coke-bottle rapist, after Mabel’s lover William Desmond Taylor was murdered and Mabel was suspect, after Mabel was exposed as a drug addict, after Mabel’s chauffeur shot a millionaire playboy, after Mabel eloped with Lew Cody on a drunk.She was Keystone Mabel, who sassed the boys because she could outswim, outdive, outdare any of them. Mabel was the first of the I-Don’t-Care Girls to burn out, and when she died in 1930, at thirty-eight, everybody mourned, Mabel Hollywood and in Mabel Hollywood mourned the death of an era – the twenties, silent film, its first shooting star.Jean Harlow, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe – before them all, there was Mabel. She kidded sex while seducing every man in sight – Mack Sennett, Charlie Chaplin, Samuel Goldwyn. Mabel was a rebel, a daredevil, a funny, funky angel of sex.

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Always a fighter, Rambova recovered, embarked on an extraordinary career as an innovative constume designer and set designer, collaborated with the legendary film star Alla Nazimova – met Rudolph Valentino.Rechristening herself Natasha Rambova, she joined Kosloff’s Imperial Russian Ballet, which came to the United States and toured the vaudeville circuit. De Mille drafted Kosloff for film work, and Rambova hired on as a costume designer.All was not bliss, however, as Kosloff proved unfaithful.Lahue turned to the silent cinema for a hobby that became first an obsession and then a profession, taking more and more of his time away from the field of innovative education.A member of The Society for Cinema Studies, he now resides in Hollywood, with his wife, Julie, a talented research assistant in her own right, and son, Kevin Carlyle, also an avid movie fan.

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