Rick holland dating sermons

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When thou art putting thy clothes on that morning, O think, “I am now putting on my wedding garments to go to be married to my everlasting Redeemer.” When the messenger of death comes to thee, let him not seem dreadful to thee, but look on him as a messenger that brings thee tidings of eternal life.

When thou goest up the scaffold, think (as thou saidst to me) that it is but thy fiery chariot to carry thee up to thy Father’s house.

Here is the relevant part of her account involving Rick (see excerpt from our TWW post cited above).

Jane finally made it back to her dorm room, and her head started to clear.

He said the consequence for breaking the rules is that I will be kicked out of the college.

He is angry at me for going to the police and the doctor. The police interviewed my rapist and all the “friends” who were there and ruled it a “he-said, she-said” incident that can’t be proven either way.

I know thou keepest thine eye fixed on the hope of glory, which makes thy feet trample on the loss of earth.

My dear, I know God hath not only prepared glory for thee, and thee for it, but I am persuaded that He will sweeten the way for thee to come to the enjoyment of it.

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I hope thou hast freely given up thy wife and children to God, who hath said in Jeremiah , “Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them alive, and let thy widow trust in me.” Thy Maker will be my husband, and a Father to thy children.I highly recommend these sermons to anyone in or near college – single, dating, or married.(click here to download – scroll down to 9/5/1999) In one of the sermons, Rick read a letter from Puritan preacher Christopher Love’s wife to her husband on the eve of his execution by the English government.She was told to meet with Rick Holland, who was the college pastor at John Mac Arthur's church, which is affiliated with TMC and TMS.Rick interrogated her and asked some very inappropriate questions, such as: Rick tells me that I need to be disciplined for doing drugs, drinking alcohol and almost dancing.

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