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The implication is that large income gaps, by themselves, are significant contributors to these particular sources of human misery.

In The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett draw upon decades of research to show that, among rich countries, high levels of inequality correlate with lower levels of social cohesion and social mobility, worse mental and physical health, and higher levels of crime, violence, drug use, and imprisonment. Rather, they touch people across the social spectrum.Meanwhile, the data show that trust in others makes us feel more secure and cooperative, and are more likely to donate time and money to helping our communities.In short, widespread trust makes our lives more pleasant, and income inequality undermines it.S., the UK, and Australia have double the rates of mental illness of lower-inequality societies like Japan, Belgium, and Germany.Additionally, anxiety-related disorders are a much larger percentage of mental illnesses in higher-inequality societies than lower-inequality societies.

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