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The obvious problem with the statement is that it simply assumes left-wing policies can't improve the incomes of the poor.

The cross-country data that we have generally suggest that they can and do.

DGR Global Ltd., Brisbane, has made an agreement with fellow explorer Armour Energy Ltd., also of Brisbane, to take part in Armour’s application for the Kanywataba block at the southern end of Lake Albert in Uganda.

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It presumes that nobody could ever seriously support making the poor poorer in order to make the rich less rich.

Think of walking down the street and worrying you might be mugged, or walking into work and assuming your boss will try to bilk you out of overtime pay.

But it's also not hard to think of examples of how this has shaped our politics.

Under the agreement, Armour will retain 16.82% while DGR will meet the tenement expenditure and work program commitments for the first 2 years and indemnify Armour for these costs.

Until the transfer is complete Armour will hold DGR’s 83.18% in trust.

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