Rsync not updating files

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So this way we can automate the synchronization with rsync.I've written another article explaining on setting up SSH keys.You can use it for backups, for keeping web servers in sync, and much more.It's fast and it doesn't take up as much bandwidth as normal copying would. How can we avoid that rsync asks for a password every time?When I right-click a network file, I see an option "Always available offline" and it is not dithered - but nothing happens when I click it. Everything in Sync Center is configured the way I had it before.

Basically the problem only occurs when uploading the file via the samba share.

Let me know if I'm not being clear enough, or any other information I can provide.

Synchronizing files from one server to another is quite awesome.

An md5sum of the files on both the source and destination machine returns different results.

I believe this occurs because windows automatically "reserves" the full size of the file and fills it out with 0s and then overwrites this as it goes along copying.

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