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"What people don't know about me is that I love being home," Mendes told Gosling - the more outward-facing partner - speaks of his love for his partner in a subtle, gentle way.Many might hear the 41-year-old refer to Mendes without even realising who he's talking about; in most instances the actor refers to her as "my lady".

Ryan Gosling was born to devout Mormons, something that Gosling has said greatly influenced him while he was growing up: “We were brought up pretty religious.

Ever since his breakout performance as a Jewish neo-Nazi in 2001's The Believer, Ryan Gosling has built a career out of bold, unconventional choices.

While the casual Gosling observer may know him as the Notebook heartthrob whose dreamy face launched a million "Hey, Girl" memes, the 33-year-old actor and director has always favored complex roles, avoiding typical blockbuster fare in favor of weighty, emotionally dense indies and collaborations with art-house directors like Derek Cianfrance and Nicolas Winding Refn.

They Played a Couple Before Becoming a Real One in Aug. In the film, Gosling and Mendes costarred as boyfriend and girlfriend (and expecting parents), and at some point they took their characters’ relationship off-screen.

The pair’s romance became public knowledge in September when they were spotted on a date in Disneyland only weeks after filming.

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