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You can now search for people and view information as you did in the past; but for now, we cannot accept new uploads or modifications to existing GEDCOM files.

We expect to add this additional functionality in the coming weeks.

To get started managing your subscriptions, go to Setting Up My New Mailman Login and if you are an administrator you will find more info at Setting Up My New Mailman Admin Login.

As of today, any email that is sent will go directly into a new archive.

We’ve also been examining the code and the underlying systems.

Some code is being refurbished, and some will need to be more fully rewritten to add the layers of security needed in this day and age.

Mailing Lists: Mailing Lists have been functioning as normal, but the archives have been unavailable.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but protecting our users’ personal information is our top priority.Update: March 6, 2018 We have some good news on our progress to bring Roots Web back online.Today, we are bringing World Connect, one of our most valued features, back online.As we make World Connect available, it will initially be in a read only state.

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