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If further research confirms these relationships, it will be necessary to reclassify the rorquals.There have been at least 11 documented cases of blue whale-fin whale hybrid adults in the wild. indica, found in the Indian Ocean, may be another subspecies.There are two more groups in the North Atlantic, and at least two in the Southern Hemisphere.Authorities classify the species into three or four subspecies: B. musculus, the northern blue whale consisting of the North Atlantic and North Pacific populations, B. intermedia, the southern blue whale of the Southern Ocean, B. brevicauda, the pygmy blue whale found in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific, The pygmy blue whale formed from a founder group of Antarctic blue whales about 20,000 years ago, around the Last Glacial Maximum.This is likely because blue whales were driven north by expanding ice, and some have stayed there ever since.

hang from the upper jaw, running 0.5 m (20 in) back into the mouth.Beaver Village PO Box 24029 Beaver, AK 99724 PH: 907-628-6126 FAX: 907-628-6815Chalkyitsik Village Council PO Box 57 Chalkyitsik, AK 99788 PH: 907-848-8117 FAX: 907-848-8986Cheesh-na Tribal Council PO Box 241 Chistochina, AK 99586 PH: 907-822-3503 FAX: 907-822-5179Chickaloon Native Village PO Box 1105 Chickaloon, AK 99674 PH: 907-745-0739 FAX: 907-745-7154Chitina Traditional Indian Village PO Box 31 Chitina, AK 99566 PH: 907-823-2215 FAX: 907-823-2233Copper River Native Association (multiple villages) PO Box H Copper Center, AK 99573 PH: 907-822-5241 FAX: 907-822-8801Eagle Village PO Box 19 Eagle, AK 99738 PH: 907-547-2281 907-547-2318Huslia Traditional Council PO Box 70 Huslia, AK 99746 PH: 907-829-2294 FAX: 907-829-2214Louden Tribal Council PO Box 244 Galena, AK 99741 PH: 907-656-1711 FAX: 907-656-1716Mc Grath Native Village Council PO Box 134 Mc Grath, AK 99627 PH: 907-524-3024 FAX: 907-524-3899Mentasta Tribal Council PO Box 6019 Mentasta Lake, AK 99780 PH: 907-291-2319 FAX: 907-291-2305Native Village of Fort Yukon PO Box 126 Fort Yukon, AK 99740 PH: 1-800-478-6839 or 907-662-2581 FAX: 907-662-2222Northway Traditional Council PO Box 516 Northway, AK 99764 PH: 907-778-2311 FAX: 907-778-2220Nulato Tribal Council PO Box 65049 Nulato, AK 99765 PH: 907-898-2342 907-898-2207Stevens Village IRA Council PO Box 61593 Stevens Village, AK 99774 PH: 907-478-7228 907-478-7229Tanacross Village Council PO Box 76009 Tanacross, AK 99776 PH: 907-883-5024 FAX: 907-883-4497Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc (multiple villages) 122 First Ave, Suite 600 Fairbanks, AK 99701 PH: 1-800-478-6822 or 907-452-8251 FAX: 907-459-3840Tanana Tribal Council PO Box 130 Tanana, AK 99777 PH: 907-366-7170/7160 FAX: 907-366-7195Venetie Tribal Government (includes Arctic Village students) PO Box 81010 Venetie, AK 99781 PH: 907-849-8378 FAX: 907-849-8097Not applicable to this region.675 Seventh Ave, Station D Fairbanks, AK 99707-1010 PH: 907-451-5967 FAX: 907-451-2919 Email: [email protected] Box 440 Tok, AK 99780-0440 PH: 1-800-478-5629 or 907-883-5629 FAX: 907-883-5628 Email: [email protected] Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) Scholarship4831 Eagle Street Anchorage, AK 99501 PH: 1-800-478-1818 or 907-561-1818 FAX: 907-561-1818Golden Valley Electric Association Scholarship PO Box 71249 Fairbanks, AK 99707-1249 PH: 907-458-5853 Email: [email protected] Utilities, Inc Scholarship PO Box 92730 Anchorage, AK 99518 PH: 1-800478-2020 x5214 FAX: 907-563-3185Scholarships for shareholders and descendents.UAS Sitka is proud to offer the scholarships listed below to students in Sitka academic programs or UAS-admitted students enrolled in Sitka campus courses.Bering Straits Foundation PO Box 1008 Nome, AK 99762 PH: 1-800-478-5079 or 907-443-5252 FAX: 907-443-2985Scholarships for shareholders and descendents.Sitnasuak Foundation Sitnasuak Native Corporation PO Box 905 Nome, AK 99762 PH: 907-443-2632 FAX: 907-443-3063 Email: [email protected] Education Contractors/Compact Organizations.

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