Shenae grimes and matt lanter dating bob harper dating contestant

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With that said, there were a couple storylines I enjoyed.

Poor used-up Naomi I loved everything about Naomi’s story in the finale.

Now, Navid Jr.’s -- I mean Javier’s -- offer to take Ade on tour with him? He did it right in front of Navid with the kind of boldness only a young, spoiled pop star could pull off. I think she’ll say yes, then leave the tour when Javier hits on her or something. Liam just admitted to his mother that he stole his stepfather’s coins?

That’s what we get after watching him freak out over it for the entire last episode? He just tells us, “Oh, yeah, I told my mom and I’m going to tell my stepfather, too.” Does the CW need to give “90210” more episodes so story can be played out?

Someone will tell us he’s spending a year at boot camp or something. Annie’s confession I love the friendship that Liam and Annie have built.

I get the feeling that he’s into her romantically but that she would rather not swim in Naomi-infested waters.

There was a lot, yes, but she had movement, activity and depth.

I thought the scene in whch she was watching Jen’s ultrasound and trading insults with her at the same time was hilarious. I’m also glad Liam dumped Naomi, because they really didn’t have anything in common but physical attraction. She may not be rich anymore, but her storyline next season will be.

Sure, Dixon and Ivy broke up for a millisecond, but all it took was an animated planetarium show and all was fine.

I know his confession gives Annie the courage to confess her crime later, but I still felt like the resolution was a cheat.

I hope Matt Lanter signed a contract for next year, because he’s all set and ready to disappear after this season. If I were Liam, I’d consider that a great reason to go to boot camp for my last year of high school.

It may come up next season and become another reason Teddy and Silver break up.

Something tells me that will blow over just as quickly.

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