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But it's hardly surprisingly the A-list ladies have hopped onto the trend with full gusto, white heels are perfect for elongating the leg to give a more slender appearance and will go with practically everything in your new season wardrobes from boyfriend jeans to the classic LBD.Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals are available online at US store Bergdof Goodman just by clicking to the right but if £430 is slightly out of your price bracket try these looky-likeys from the likes of River Island and ASOS.He recently spoke about his feelings for Rihanna, saying: 'I mean, I think about it. A monochrome bomber jacket is a great way of working one of this year’s biggest trends into your outfit too.Sports luxe took off shortly after the 2012 London Olympics and is still going strong as we head into SS14.I can’t fathom people supporting her decision to forgive and forget, even if Chris Brown seeks therapy. They are two role models for young people, and have to carefully choose their actions, like it or not. I tend to think she might, just by looking at some other abusive relationships.Sadly I know someone that is in an abusive relationship. Why haven’t I marched over to her house myself and forced her to leave him?She’s been with her boyfriend for years, and every year it gets worse. I think mainly because her boyfriends’ abuse is not physical. And with mental abuse there are no scars, no physical evidence. My friend, herself, won’t even recognize he is abusive. Any guy that makes you feel like you are less of a person with out him, continually chips away at your self-esteem and makes you walk on egg shells in your own home, is someone that is abusing his relationship.She makes excuses, and he promises to try harder, but every year I watch this woman lose more and more of herself. How can you prove to the authorities he’s abusive when you don’t have any tangible evidence? Why women put up with this behavior, I’m not quite sure.

We can’t be sure yet that the picture is in fact, the 20 year-old singer, but it has been confirmed that Chris Brown did in fact physically abuse her.The singer has been hit with a lawsuit from Geoffrey Keating, from Dublin, who claims the popstar made 'nauseatingly offensive' and false statements about him in an email sent to him and his wife last July.No one does off-duty fashion like Rihanna - just take a look at the star struting her stuff here!We love T by Alexander Wang's bonded cotton version (below), a style steal at only £145 on The Outnet.Drake famously became involved with a physical altercation with Chris Brown - Rihanna's ex-boyfriend, who was convicted of domestic violence after assaulting her back in 2009 - at a New York nightclub in 2012, with the spat said to have stemmed from an argument about the pop beauty.

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