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Then, some 22 years later, an official colonial expedition was arranged and the first colony established.

Europeans vied for political control over Brazil, whether as a whole or in terms of its captaincies.

It happens regularly five times a month on scheduled dates - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Check club site for dates and hours)- however Friday is the best day.

Gay Pride Sao Paulo - various locations Sao Paulo The Parada do Orgulho GLBT de Sao Paulo, in Portuguese, has grown from 2,000 participants in 1997 to 2,5 million in 2006, when they made to the Guinness Book, for the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebration.

However, in about 1510, a shipwreck is believed to have brought Portuguese sailors into this region.

This was only a temporary situation, but proved invaluable to the economic rise of São Paulo.There are various centres that are very rich (such as Campinas, Paulínia, Indaiatuba, São José dos Campos and Santos), while very poor areas lie slightly further afield.Tourism is a very important part of the economy of São Paulo as well as of the preservation of its heritage resources. • New Basilica (Basílica Nova) and Old Basilica (Basílica Velha).It has a population of more than 41 million people and has a total area of 248 209.4 square kilometres, which is equivalent to 95 834 square miles.Hunter-gatherers once occupied the area now known as São Paulo.

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