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If it gets above 85, she will be sweating bullets and cursing Hades.

If it drops below 65, you will hear her teeth chattering a mile away.

She has probably wiped out more times than she has stood up, but trying hard counts, right?

She has decided that this means she can teach you to surf. The traffic, the congested security lines, the constantly unfinished construction — the list of things to hate about the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is never-ending, something she reminds you of every time you travel by air.

California, the land of permanent sunshine and Ryan Gosling’s abs, how we So Cal girls love you.

She owns every color of T-snap pullover available and automatically knows when another is released.She loves you to the moon and back, but there will always be this state of eternal sunshine in her heart.She knows how lucky she was to grow up in such a beautiful place and she will never forget her first home.She will regale you with horror stories about that time she was stranded in the Alaska Airlines terminal for 9 hours with only a California Pizza Kitchen that did not serve pizza or about the COPA airline attendant who decided that puta was a good alternative for “have a nice trip”.You will be the envy of friends back home when she posts that “Happy New Year’s” selfie on the beach.

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