Southern california dating

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Here’s how to know you’re dating a girl from Southern California.

Southern California does not have weather in any real sense of the term and this has caused her to grow up without internal temperature regulation.

Anyone born in the 90s in Southern California did not see rain for the first five years of their lives.

Because of this, we celebrate the rain as though it is a gift from the gods.

She knows all the tricks to Disneyland, from the hidden Mickeys to the best order of Fast Pass procurement.

If it drops below 65, you will hear her teeth chattering a mile away.It is in the red glow of the taillights of the Lexus that cut you off that your calm, loving partner will morph into a raging She-Hulk capable of out-cursing Conor Mc Gregor.The roads of So Cal are a dog-eat-dog world, and you either learn to hit the gas while flipping the bird or become a pasty hermit.Every day is a beach day in So Cal and you should rub this wonderfully warm fact squarely on the frostbitten noses of your northern relatives.Spicy chorizo, fluffy eggs, crispy potatoes, oozing cheese, steaming beans, and fresh salsa all wrapped up in one perfect tortilla are the way to her heart.

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