Stop shockwave from updating

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all of these absolutely fail to prevent Firefox updates and, as far as I can tell, I have done just about everything humanly possible to prevent Firefox updating apart from ditching it completely (which I definitely do not want to do) but there seems to be no way I can stop Firefox updating.I'm sure it is BMC Remedy's "fault" but I can't change what the company does, I'm just a small cog in a large machine but I can (or should be able to) change stuff on my own system.Try using the Firefox Portable 38.0.5 application for that Remedy program - only. Firefox Portable 38.0.5 is available here Install it to your hard drive.It will install and run independent of the current Firefox installation.

So I uninstall and reinstall and it works again ... The solutions I have tried are as follows (each time preceded by an uninstall of version 39.x and reinstall of v38.05): 1. Custom install Firefox v 38.05 with no maintenance service, deleted the files and maintenanceservice_from the Mozilla Firefox folder and renamed to Use Firefox for your regular browsing, and use another browser to access that system if necessary, but do not use old versions.You should NOT be using old versions of Firefox, a serious security hole was just discovered and you should be using 39.0.3 or later ONLY.The "down side" is that they won't run at the same time.Just make sure that you don't use it for anywhere except for Remedy, as it lacks the major security fix for DHE which is probably causing that issue with Remedy.

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