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Ok Cupid This is the granddaddy of all millennial dating apps, though at this point if you met someone the day Ok Cupid launched and conceived a child on your first date, that broken condom miracle would now be 11 years old. OKC was pretty much the only game in town a few years ago, but now its NYC dominance has been ruthlessly challenged by countless swipe based competitors.

In turn, OKC has evolved, so that now instead of getting maybe one fleeting like a week you can now swipe up a storm and have about 60 likes a day not to talk to, just like on Tinder.

OKC messaging still retains its pre-social media roots, namely the sort of giant emails you would send to your best friend back during the Bush presidency.

You also have to answer several hundred questions to get decent matches, which is where OKC splits opinions these days.

There are some of us still roaming this borough, the grayer, wizened, toothless ones, who remember the dark days, nights when you would actually have to pry open your creaky laptop and see if your future spouse had been kind enough to send you a message on, inquiring about similar interests or life experiences. Now everyone has a smartphone in hand and is only one eggplant emoji away from finding true love!

Our descendants will be proud, though they will wonder what we did technologically in the intervening 43 years between landing on the moon and inventing Tinder.

Who You’ll Meet: Ivy Leaguers, A Disproportionate Number of Asians, Gorgeous Nerds, People With Way Cooler Jobs Than You._____________________ Tinder Ah, Tinder. What happened to the innocent days of pre-Tinder, back in 2012, when ISIS was still part of Al-Qaeda and the Syrian Civil War was only one year old?

You can get a more nuanced take on Tinder and online dating, in Aziz Ansari’s wonderful and surprisingly data-driven book, Modern Romance.

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Pros: Everyone has Tinder because it takes a few minutes to set up.But is mobile location-based dating really all that simple?Well, not exactly, since there are so many apps you can choose from in order to help you find your soulmate or your Mr. Fortunately for you, I’ve tested out over a dozen dating apps and am happy to let you know what I’ve found on them, from the vast ocean of Ok Cupid to the wild jungles of kink-focused Whiplr.You've been dating awhile, you've changed your status to "In A Relationship" on Facebook, but are you "Netflix Official"?According to recent survey you're not a 'real' couple unless you share a joint Netflix account!

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