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Pros: App is very stable, easy to use, good user interface.The filtering is the best of any of these apps, so if you know what you’re looking for, this is where to start.Please check out their data blog and perfect man/founder Christian Rudder’s book Dataclysm if you want to learn all about your fellow man and get super bummed about racism.Cons: Hard to tell if push notification is a real, heartfelt message, or just a simple profile like. Also, OKC is the most labor intensive of the apps by far, between filling out the profile, answering questions, and typing up messages. If you’re a straight male, you’ll get a message every week or two, and usually these messages will be one sentence commenting on your eyebrows or the extreme tightness of your pants.But now everyone, everywhere is on it, so you’ll meet some great people eventually if you wade through all of the dickpics.The DOWN side is that if you want to find your elephant conservationist who is also into BDSM and food play in 11216, tough luck.

According to recent survey you're not a 'real' couple unless you share a joint Netflix account!

OKC chose a middle ground on their app so it includes swiping profiles like Tinder, a scrollable list of nearby daters like Grindr, and advanced search functionality that lets you search by down to keywords.

That way you never get stuck looking at the same Murray Hill randos for a whole week, like on some apps that have strict limits on have many profiles you can see a day.

Chose a few pictures including your face and write a profile made out of emojis.

You may now chose a mate from one of seven billion users.

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