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But word is this is a "supersized" episode as well. Except, for them, it was Super Bowl XXXIII 20 years ago in 1998, not Super Bowl LII.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Jack Pearson thought he'd turned off the Crock-Pot, only to have the always-slightly-wonky warming switch short out, first catching the kitchen towels on fire, then the curtains, and then the entire kitchen, the flames eating their lives and their memories in seconds.

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4, but just because audiences are getting The Big Three after the big game doesn't mean they'll have to wait over a week for more drama to unfold. Don't say we didn't warn you to stock up on extra tissues.

All week long, Vulture explores what happens to reality TV contestants after the show ends — and the future of the genre itself. This is the question that typically follows a stint on a reality-TV dating show.

Once a reality contestant’s been exposed, trying to make meaningful connections in the world can be a tall order (however flattering the attention).

With the Super Bowl episode being the most important one to date, it's not surprising to learn the writers made it a little longer than usual.

Fellow prestige TV show to follow as well, which will feature the lead actors from the series talking about the episode we just watched.

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