Susannah dating thomas big brother

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Especially the annoying ones...the couples...whatever happened to .it Marty and that chick, who were gonna get married or something?

Yes, I could probably google the info..that would require more effort than asking here....

She's on my dads side & I remember before we had out falling out she was pregnant.

From series one, Christina, the ballerina, decided to try her hand at comedy, then married the program manager of Triple M in Melbourne.

After the show (it must have been the 2003 season) my friends spotted them having a holiday on Great Keppel Island (sp? They chose a stupid time to go, because it was full of Schoolies at hte time... I have no doubt that probably didn't last though.

“We’re in a position where we can do it because we own our own house, thanks to Big Brother,” he adds.I am a big fan of Chrissie but remember her partner in comedy in the house, Dan? At the end of the ratings year – TV Week has done an article on where some reality stars are now.As for the prize money Aleisha won, she reveals: “I haven’t spent it yet!”Terri Munro (Season Six weeks after her win, grandmother Terri returned to her job as Coles – and she’s still there.

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