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I feel like a total like hypocrite saying this but unnamed321 go for it.

After completing the dating, marriage and divorce quiz, print it out and give it to a friend.

Instead, he has played 200 rounds on the public dime and we have heard NOTHING about his game.

Obama’s a hack, by which Jordan means — Obama sucks at golf and playing with him would be torture.

Doubting if the person you are with is a right one for you these tests and quizzes will help you to disclose his or her true essence.

how he shoves his hands in his pockets when he gets nervous...

When the teacher said to get into pairs, he basically ran and grabbed me to be my partner.

Of her one and only marriage, to William Robert Jarrett, Valerie once e-mailed a reporter: “Married in 1983, separated in 1987, and divorced in 1988.

The epic undercard to the midterms, and let’s be serious, this was probably eating him more than the historic electoral rejection of his agenda, right?

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