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Facing west you will see the Gran Teatro, the Grand Theater of Havana (shown at top), which is still closed at time of writing in the summer of 2015.

When renovations for the Baroque building, launched in 1839, are complete, the National Ballet and the Spanish Ballet of Cuba will resume performances here.

Self Guided tour part 1 - I've loaded a photo of the map "self guided walking tour Havana".You have been given many warnings before; in fact you were given one just last week.Now, in our school you are given many chances to rectify your behaviour, but I warn you: you are being given your last chance now.Head east and north away from the park, along Agromonte Street, and you'll pass Cuba's first fire station, now a museum, the Cuartel de Bomberos at #257; carry on and you'll pass the famous Sloppy Joe's restaurant and the lovely yellow facade of the Hotel Sevilla on your left.Make a right at Trocadero and you'll get to the modern gray stone facade of the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes, the National Fine Arts Museum.

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