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Seems to be a lot of assumptions made by this coffee shop owner, which maybe on balance of probabilities are correct (since it's not entirely unreasonable to assume that pro-life campaigners are also more likely to be more traditional in their views regarding same sex relationships), but assumptions seem to me to be pretty shaky reasons to refuse custom. And I am pro free market with the exception of life or death industries, like utilities and health care.I actually posted about this in the cake thread.... Basically, this is more common than people realize.I had to go a couple of levels deeper and find copies of the pamphlet in a tiny site called "the liberator" before I saw the anti-gay messages.Even then they talk about "profaning marriage" rather than the more obvious cases of anti-gay messages you might see from your typical "fire and brimstone" Christian types.Those affected by the views, opinions or general demeanour of this poster should review this puppy picture.Those triggered by puppy pictures should consider investing in an isolation tank. Just because it has a large circulation doesn't mean that it's printing anything truthful. Your complaint was that "there is nothing about the story except for right wing blogs", which is now patently untrue given it has firmly traveled outside the blogosphere and reached the mainstream media.The mirror in the UK has decided to publish the story. ...

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Plaintiff did not complain to anyone at Sidetrack about the videos until May 2011, after Du Jan complained to Sidetrack about its employees’ harassment of him and Plaintiff.The bar owner didn't mind the consumers buying his product, just refused to have a "straight" dating night at their bar. "The list of extreme examples could go on..I hope my point is made. The two political parties are two cats, the elite is a rat, power is the cheese, and the common people is the floor.So..a cake shop that will sell you a standard cake, but refuse your "custom" cake, when it is a design they refuse to make. The floor feels two cats can guard the cheese better than one.This would be like asking a prudish, sweet old Jewish lady making custom cakes .."Hey Grandma..me this cake with Hitler marrying rainbow dash lip locking because..ya don't... "And thinking because she makes custom cakes...has to make it or else! But the cats fight each other, and the rat makes off with the cheese in glee.Or even better, other examples.."Granny, make me this Hitler/Moses wedding cake or else! The floor cannot leave, and soon both cats serve the rat, because the rat has the all powerful cheese, and gives the cats a small bit of it.

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