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But the only hitch is that to take this wealth out of the country, he needs to pay a middle man. Another trick to lure a victim into giving away their money is to inform them that the parcel has been detained at customs in a distant country and that they need to pay a "bribe" to make sure it reaches the recipient.

Doctor Web urges users to exercise caution when dating online and to never pay for shipping any kinds of gifts or parcels.

But at this point a juicy detail is revealed: the sender did not pay for the parcel to be delivered to the recipient.

The Vitebsk system is installed on: The Vitebsk is a series of systems that can be adapted virtually to any type of aircraft, including military transport and civil aviation planes.

Such a platform has been developed and all necessary trials aboard some types of aircraft have already been held The system also has its export version called President-S.

They typically portray themselves as emigrants or those of Russian descent which explains their good command of Russian.

The scammer wins the victim’s confidence and then tells her that they intend to send their "sweetheart" a precious gift: a tablet, smart phone, or jewellery.

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