The latest version of windows updating software

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Ultimately, they may steal your data, destroy your data, or completely shut down the affected program or operating system.Security updates may feel like a hassle, but they’re usually here to help keep your computer more secure.However, you cannot set the operating system to automatically install software updates.Android will push out notifications when an update is ready for the operating system.

Far too often, many consumers ignore these critical security updates pushed out either by application developers or operating system companies like Microsoft or Apple.

If you don’t have the App Store installed on your Mac, you can still check for OS security updates from your system settings.

Android users can turn app updates on or off through the Google Play Store settings.

Apple makes this process a bit simpler than Windows, however.

You can set your Mac to automatically install updates to your operating system and any applications you downloaded through the App Store, or simply go app by app and download those updates yourself.

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