The ten commandments of dating summary

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So important is this covenant to Israel’s history that when the New Testament era opens we find Jesus living under it.

The major theological themes of the Book of Exodus clearly center on the developing concept of covenant-relationship between God and Israel.

Thus the events in chapter 1 could have spanned a time period of 250-330 years. C for the Exodus has been supported in the Introduction to the Pentateuch. The date for the composition of the Book of Exodus must, therefore, be between that point in time and when he died just prior to Israel's entrance into the Land of Promise (Deut 34:7).

This would date the birth of Moses at about 1526 B. It is reasonable to assume, however, that the one year Israel spent in the wilderness at Sinai would have presented Moses with a good opportunity to write the majority, if not all of Exodus. C., the Book of Exodus could have been written as early as 1445 B. The historical context to the Book of Exodus is presented in the first chapter.

It would seem that Moses' original readership would have been the Exodus generation of Israelites as well as all future generations who entered into covenant-relationship with Yahweh.

While the covenant-relationship is offered to Israel, it is clear from the Book of Exodus that a response of faith is necessary to truly enter into that relationship.

During this time they live in a social community of houses and likely villages perhaps organized around their tribal clans.

He is told to record on a scroll the episode of Israel's victory over Amalek ().

To neutralize that threat, the Egyptians forced the sons of Israel into bondage and made them to serve Egypt with hard labor.

But the more that Egypt afflicted Israel, the more they multiplied and spread out over the land.

The events of the Book of Exodus span from sometime after Joseph had died and a new Egyptian king came to power who did not know Joseph, to the setting up of the Tabernacle at Israel's encampment at Mount Sinai.

Now Exodus , 41 states that Israel had lived in Egypt 430 years to the day when Moses led them out.

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