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We use the Row Updating event of Grid View to update the record in the database table.

We get the Id value using the row index and another Text Box value is also retrieved.

You can easily throw a new exception in the Row Updating event handler as shown in the E59 example (How to show an error message when a record cannot be deleted). ASPx Grid View catches the exception and shows it in the error row automatically.

Thanks, Marion Thanks Marion, In the situation that you described I wouldn't be asking this question.

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Row move in edit mode We have a Grid View with records.Obviously the simplest method is to use Data Key Names on the Grid View and then you should have the data in your Grid View Update Event Args as part of e. (In the following example, I cast to a Check Box as I know I have a checkbox at the col Index You Are Interested In - you should cast to whatever control you have in that column). As the values are inserted into an Ordered Dictionary - you can use the field names to access the changed data 2.All updated values are passed to the Stored Procedure. the good old problem of getting the data from the row that is being currently edited within a Grid View. Accessing the "Controls": This method gets you access to the control in the Grid View, which might be useful based on what you are doing.

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