Too intimidating girls

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This article not only offers great advice, but how to properly prepare and back it up with the right empowering attitude!

The men are too intimidated or afraid of being shot down.

u gotta remember approaching is an amazing way for a girl to judge how alpha and stuff u r.

so the hotter girls can just say"he didnt approach, hes hot but hes a pussy so i dont have to feel bad that i didnt get him", while the uglies will be like "damn i KNOW hes above me i dont need to test him" and so they try to open us more.

so to sum up- get a ugly pivot or just look like a warm accepting dude in public somehow. We are still the one who's gonna approach..we can demonstrate ourselves or at least PRETEND ourselves to be intereseting or easy get-going guy so that the chix may thought they have a chance to get shot as us. Dun forget, being good looking is in fact a DHV and way too good looking may scare the chix out cuz they have very low self esteem and they will not and do not believe themselves in getting us.....

So...return we have to lower ourselves up, not as in a negative way, but an interesting and 'friendly' manner.

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