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Don’t use the familiar form ( tu) or call someone by their Christian name until you’re invited to do so.

Generally the older or (in a business context) senior person invites the other to use the familiar tu form of address and first names.

The familiar form is used with children, animals and God, but almost never with your elders or work superiors.

However, Italians are becoming less formal and younger people often use tu and first names with colleagues.

Italians judge people by their dress, the style and quality being as important as the appropriateness for the occasion.

Italians consider bathing costumes, skimpy tops and flip-flops or sandals with no socks strictly for the beach or swimming pool, and not the street, restaurants or shops.

If you don’t know someone’s title, you can use signore (for a man) or signora (woman); a young woman may be addressed as signorina, although nowadays all women tend to be addressed as signora.

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chrysanthemums for cemeteries), but a florist will be able to advise you.‘Hello’ ( ciao) is used among close friends and young people, but it isn’t considered polite when addressing strangers unless they use it first.Women may find that some men kiss their hand, although this is rare nowadays.) and isn’t usually really a kiss, more a delicate brushing of the cheeks accompanied by kissing noises.There are usually two kisses – first on the right cheek, then on the left.

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